ZOVOO Drag Bar F10000 Disposable

Zovoo is one of the few 10,000-puff e-cigarettes on the market, but its price is only 39RM. The high price/performance ratio makes us have to choose it. This disposable cigarette is better in terms of the reduction degree of e-liquid and the sweetness. The fly in the ointment is that it only has six flavors, and they can bring more flavors for us to choose from.

ZOVOO Drag Bar F10000 Disposable Specifications

Puffs:up to 10000 puffs

Nicotine 50mg (5%)


Rechargeable Battery 630 mAh (Type-C Port)

Airflow adjustment

Oil pressure balance


ZOVOO Drag Bar F10000 Disposable Flavor

Green Apple Ice

Strwbery Orange Mango

Watermelon Ice

Grape Blackberry

Passion Fruit Guava

Grape Ice


Grape Blackberry, Grape Ice, Green Apple Ice, Passion Fruit Guava, Strwbery Orange Mango, Watermelon Ice


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